B-1 Stand - NSN 1730-00-390-5618

B-1 Maintenance Stand

MPN 47R16420

B-1 Maintenance Stand - NSN# 1730-00-390-5618
CALL FOR PRICING Parts# FS14-15F1900


  • Adjustable to any height within its 3’ to 12’ platform floor range
  • 500 LBS capacity
  • Heavy-duty casters and 16” dia. Pneumatic tires make it easy to move from job-to-job
  • Stair and platform railings can be lifted out and stored on the base
  • Base, stairs, and platform stay parallel at any height position
  • All-steel, welded construction
  • 48” x 48” Standard work platform
  • Non-slip self-cleaning steps and platform floor


  • 4’ x 6’ platform with sliding handrails
  • Large Caster Package
  • Solid Tires


Description: The B-1 Maintenance Stand is an updated, improved version of the long-time standard Type B-1 used by the Air Force. The FS14-15F1900 is more rugged, elevates an additional two feet and has a double acting hydraulic hand pump. The 4’x 4′ standard work platform can be positioned to any height in its range by means of its self-contained hydraulic system.

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