B-2 Stand - NSN 1730-00-390-5620

B-2 Maintenance Stand

MPN 48J20090

B-2 Maintenance Stand - NSN 1730-00-390-5620


  • 500 Lbs platform capacity
  • Hydraulically elevates 10’ to 19’.
  • Hand actuated hydraulic pump with two 2” dia. x 35” stroke lift cylinders, plus an air over hydraulic system
  • 48” x 108” main platform standard, featuring non-slip steel grip- strut floor and sliding handrails
  • Non-slip steel grip-strut steps, 50” wide, 9 1/2” deep, variable rise 0” to 10”
  • Fixed front and swivel rear casters provide ease in maneuverability.
  • Hand adjustable screw jacks on each end for stability
  • Parallelogram of welded tubular steel and cross braces automatically keeps platform and steps level with ground
  • 4” O.D. non-marring rubber bumper at the leading edge of the platform
  • Hydraulic restrictors in case of pressure failure
  • Safety strut with pin


Description: This B2 Aircraft Maintenance Stand FS14-15F2698 provides your aviation technician with efficient access to service aircraft, improving overall productivity while providing critical fall protection to ensure a safe work environment. Our B2 Stands are a popular choice because they may be utilized to service any aircraft within their 10′ to 19′ height range.

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