Custom 757/767/A320/MD-80 Tail Dock



  • Platforms are generally comprised of left-hand (LH) and right-hand (RH) sub-assembly half-docks
  • Each half-dock consists of a main deck (stabilizer platform) located below three upper-platform catwalks
  • Constructed fully of Steel or Aluminum and low-alloy Steel connectors
  • Decking is manufactured Aluminum non-skid tread grip material, additional options available
  • A completely welded mobile structure with adjustable heights in the 24” range unless more is required
  • Each half-dock can be adjusted in height by using lifts to get it to the desired position
  • The main deck is height adjustable independent of the overall height of each half-dock to precision locate and follow the contour of the horizontal stabilizer
  • Allows versatility both in height adjustment as well as low speed transport
  • Equipped with swivel casters, tow bars, swivel locks and parking brakes


Description: This particular Tail Dock has been custom designed to handle four different aircraft types, the Boeing 767, 757, the A320 Airbus and the MD 80. Tail Docks are designed to provide complete access to vertical and horizontal stabilizers, APU cavity along with the AFT fuselage areas. We can build docks compatible with most aircrafts including the Boeing 737, Boeing 767, Boeing 757, Airbus’ A300 series, MD80, MD90, Boeing P-8A Poseidon, P-8,LRIP-1, P-3 Orion, P-8A Poseidon, Boeing C-40A

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