F-15/F-22 Wing Stand


  • Variable platform height adjustment to accommodate the F-15 & F-22
  • Aluminum construction with mill finish
  • Aluminum expanded metal grating work surface
  • 42″ handrails with mid-rail; except walk-off area
  • 4″ toeboards at base of walking surface tow bars for easy towing
  • Expanded metal mesh covering lower portion of handrails except walk-off area
  • Chemical resistant rubber padding where edge of platform meets aircraft
  • 1,000 lbs. load capacity on top platform; 4 workers + tool-box
  • Heavy duty casters; hard durometer; swivel & locking
  • Removable tow-bar at base of platform for transportability
  • 2 explosion proof electrical cords; retractable reel top platform and at base
  • 2 air-hoses; retractable reel; top platform and at base
  • Explosion proof fluorescent lighting to meet
  • OSHA and AFOSH requirements
  • Lighting designed to cover area underneath wing


Description: Mobile Platform for access to F-15 and F-22 aircraft. Platform allows access from tip of leading edge up to the intake. 2 part platform system; left & right wing applications.

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