F-16 Tail Paint Stand



  • Aluminum Mill Finish
  • Double-entry rolling platform with dual-parallel pivoting extension platforms
  • Dual air-hydraulic jacks to raise and lower platform between 102-126″
  • Dual Stairways: 45 degree incline
  • Extension platforms pivot 90 degree for ease of placement and safety while fitting to aircraft
  • Leveling jacks located at specific locations
  • Swivel locking casters
  • Safety chains guarding entry to extension platforms
  • Aggressive Grip Strut tread flooring
  • 32″ Wide stairways, platform, and extension platforms
  • Gap between extension is 24″
  • Extension length is 8′ 4.5
  • Mid-platform height is 7’9″
  • Base length from stairway-end to stairway-end is 22’5″
  • All handrails are 42″ high with mid-rails
  • OSHA & ANSI safety compliant


Description: Double access aluminum platform designed to fit up against the vertical stabilizer of an F-16 while providing a safe work area for the painting crew. Platform will be light-weight, mobile, and adjustable in height for variance in aircraft working levels.

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