G-Series Engine Access Stand



  • Portable platforms used to roll up against aircraft engine pods on either side
  • Allows personnel to access aircraft engine at a safe working height
  • Connects with Tail Dock Station for easy walk-through at second level
  • Additional stairways from ground to access platform
  • 42″ guardrails with mid-rails and 4″ kick plates
  • Platform is 8′ high x 27′ long
  • 5’11” wide at rear of engine
  • 2 1/2′ wide at front of engine
  • 9′ deep opening for engine pod
  • 12″ poly over steel wheel casters with 90 degree swivel locks and total lock face brakes
  • Powder Coat Finish


Description: Suitable for G350 to G650 aircraft, Gulfstream Engine Stands have been designed to allow personnel easy access between engines and tail dock. Personnel would be further protected by use of Fall Protection Equipment. These engine stands have been designed to work in conjunction with our tail docks, but can be utilized entirely on their own as they are free standing. They allow easy access to all areas of the engines and provide complete safety for the maintenance personnel.

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