Military KC-135 Hell-Hole Stand



  • Yellow Corvex® Fiberplated platform material provides non-slip surface and yellow color helps with easy location of F.O.D. items that may drop to the platform surface.
  • Dimensions 2.5' (H) x 7' (W) x 14' (L)
  • Aluminum Serrated Traction tread or Aluminum diamond plate on platform
  • 500 lbs load capacity
  • Heavy-duty 5″ x 2″ locking & swivel casters; poly-over steel
  • 1.5″ O.D.tubing 1/8″ wall thickness; ~ 11 gauge used for 42″ aluminum handrails & mid-rail with 4″ kickplates
  • 36″ handrails on tower and 42″ handrails with mid-rail on platform
  • Handrails to be removable to assist in handling and shipping
  • 4″ kickplates around platform
  • Meet OSHA & ANSI safety standards
Note: For information on Corvex® Fiberplating CLICK HERE


Description: Single piece mobile aluminum unit. Easy to roll in place and provide all-inclusive access for maintenance crews. The 2-level designs allows for the level to reach the bottom cowling of the KC-135 while the second level “tower” reaches the “Hell-Hole” area.

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