Military KC-135 Nose Dock



  • 110” and 80” platform heights.
  • 1000, lb load capacity per platform section standard. Can be constructed to support 2,000 lb load capacity if required ( training exercises etc.)
  • Heavy duty locking and swivel casters with large diameter.
  • Yellow Corvex® Fiberplate decking provides non-slip surface and yellow color helps easily identify potential F.O.D. dropped items
  • Rubber padding at all contact points.
  • Hand rails have mid-rails and kick plates.
  • Spring loaded gates at exit and entry points.
  • 50 degree incline on stairways allows forward descent.
  • Meet OSHA and ANSI safety standards.
Note: For information on Corvex® Fiberplating CLICK HERE


Description: Multi piece aluminum docking system. Easy to use and install. (Designed to roll off the truck when shipped). This dock is designed to allow easy and safe access to the nose area. There are more custom features but any modifications can be made according to customer request. At time of order, drawings will be provided to meet with customer approval, prior to manufacture. Pricing on request.

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