Military KC-135 Wing Stands


One pair of matching wing stands (one port, one starboard)


  • 34″ high to 83″ in gradual elevation
  • Modular design (see image for sized sections)
  • Access stairways provided for each section
  • Additional handrails available when industrial sections are in use
  • 8 person load capacity per section (2,000 lbs.)
  • Stands have cut-outs to contour around the engine pods
  • Rubber padding is installed at all possible aircraft contact points
  • Inboard and outboard access stairs on aft side
  • 50 degree incline on the stairways to allow forward descent
  • Heavy duty locking and swivel casters, large in diameter, provide easy mobility
  • Removable handrails
  • Yellow, Corvex® Fiberplate decking is non-slip & color of decking helps with finding F.O.D. and other dropped items
  • Meets OSHA and ANSI safety standards
Note: Lighting and shelving can be supplied if required
For information on Corvex® Fiberplating CLICK HERE


Description: Spilt into 5 modular sections, each with its own stairway, can be used individually or in combination and allows for easy storage. These stands incorporate many, safety and convenience design features.

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