Multi-Purpose Maintenance Stand

CALL FOR PRICING Parts# FS14-15F2918


  • Morton tread Grip Decking
  • 1000 LBS capacity
  • Adjustable to any height within 52.375” to 72.375”in 5” increments
  • Forklift pockets integrated in frame
  • All-steel, welded construction
  • Adjustable pullout planks
  • Adjustable pullout handrails
  • Adjustable pullout stabilization jacks
  • Epoxy powder coat


Description: The Multi-Purpose Maintenance Stands may be used for wing, engine, or fuselage maintenance. This maintenance platform has pullouts to conform to any aircraft shape with protective bumpers for aircraft protection. It may be utilized to service any aircraft within its height range of 4.5′ to 6′.

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