Orion P3/C-130 Fly Away Towbar

CALL FOR PRICING Parts# FS60-M-P3/FS60-M-C-130-2F


  • NSN# 1730-01-576-2655/1730-01-612-0210
  • Shear Bolt
  • Safety Bolt
  • Jack-Knife Resistant Bolts
  • Auto-Lock Pin
  • Handle
  • Heat Treated Alloy Steel
  • Foam Filled Tires
  • Square Steel Tubing
  • Four (4) nuts will remove the undercarriage (2 U-Bolts)
  • Remove one 1/2″ bolt to separate the 15 foot bar
  • When the undercarriage is removed the three pieces will
    fit into the doorway of the P-3 aircraft.
  • The C-130 Head assembly or the P-3 Head Assembly fit 
    on the same Fly-Away towbar.

Product Description

Description: The Orion P3/C-130 Fly Away Towbar was designed for towing the P3 or C-130 aircraft by the nose landing gear. Attaches to nose gear towing bolt with locking latch. It is designed to break down to fit into the doorway of the P3 aircraft. Two wheels are provided for handling towbar when not connected to aircraft.

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