Wide Body Aircraft Towbar

Parts# FS14-15F2397

PRICE $4550 USD, Crating ADD $385 USD


  • Fully retractable hydraulic running gear for adjustable height
  • Safety lock system to avoid separation from aircraft
  • Tube made of high strength steel
  • Quality shear bolts for aircraft protection
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Extra set of shear pins included
  • Pneumatic tires


Description:  Aircraft towbars are used during pushback and for relocating the aircraft. This towbar is compatible with the following aircraft models:

  • DC10
  • B767
  • L1011
  • A 340 200/300
  • MD 11
  • A330
  • A350

B777 (For use as dedicated B777/B787 towbar a shear pin, part #1504708, is offered. This heavier shear pin is not for use on other applicable aircraft models.)

B787 (Some pushback tractors may require a longer towbar to clear aircraft nose. Model 15F3045 is offered)

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